“O son of Adam, take time out to constantly seek Me and you will find Me. If you find Me, you have found everything. If you lose Me, you have lost everything”

Divine Provision.

In the universal order, Rizq represents the sustenance untouched and provided by the Divine; the air we breathe, the food we consume, the opportunities we encounter, and the moments of grace. Humanity interacts with these divine provisions, molding them into civilizations, experiences, memories, and legacies.

Yet, when placed against the grand tapestry of existence, our endeavors seem modest. However, they become monumental when seen as divinely orchestrated moments of Rizq – every meal, every chance meeting, every hardship turned blessing.

Unquestionably, the questions of our hearts concerning Rizq have answers. We must trust in the divine design so far as to believe that every whisper of curiosity about our sustenance and place in the world has a divine answer. Every individual’s journey is a testament, a symbol of the divine inquiries they seek. Through the lens of Rizq, every circumstance becomes a sign, every challenge a blessing in disguise.

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